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After 6 wonderful years our tea parlor is now closed.  A big heartfelt thank you to  all of my great customers and outstanding staff.  I’ll always remember our times together. A tea room is a place where you can go to escape the realities of daily life. It is not a restaurant, but a comfort and place of refuge. It is a place where you feel pampered and special, a place where you can share your deepest feelings with your best friend. Time stands still in a tea room, it is not a rushed event. You leisurely sit and talk. You are not there to eat or even drink tea, but rather to relax and enjoy the moment of friendship. And that’s what our tea room provided.

Although the tea room has closed, I’m still into tea!  You can still purchase your favorite teas, cookbooks and accessories on-line. Go to the shop tab at the top of your screen.

An Afternoon to Remember continues to remain dedicated to educating others in the art of taking tea. Look for our new on-line classes soon!