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Holiday Tea Menu Recipes and Decorating Tips

Holiday Tea Menu

(Click on each one for the recipe, my gift to you for the holiday season)

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Cranberry Orange Scones

Lemon Curd and Devonshire Cream



Tomato Basil Bisque



Cranberry Chicken Tea Sandwiches
Layered Spinach Sandwiches
Easy Cucumber Sandwiches



Chocolate Snaps
Cherry Shortbread Cookies
Rum Cake


Serve these Holiday Teas:

Cranberry Creme Tea
Creme Brule Tea
Sugar Plum Fairy (decaf)

Ideas for decorating

How to Decorate Chairs

Many times when I have a party, I do not have enough chairs that match for my guests, or I need to use an extra chair that’s not pretty, has a stain etc.  Here’s a quick way to decorate a chair using materials from home.


  • large table cloth that is for 6-8 people, any shape (you can buy inexpensive ones for around $10.00 at Marshalls or other outlet stores). Shop early before the season starts
  • ribbon
  • safety pins
  • scissors
  • any items you may wish to use to decorate, such as ornaments, beads, evergreen,etc.


  1. Take a large table cloth and drape over chair.
  2. Bring in sides together and pin.
  3. Flip top half over chair.  Tie ribbon around back of chair.  Flip top half back down.
  4. Decorate back of chair with ribbons, evergreen, ornaments, etc. If doing more than one chair, make each one unique.
  5. Pin up any dragging sides as needed.

This chair took me less than 10 minutes to decorate. If you spend a bit more time, you can create some very elaborate chairs using holiday decorations you already have.  When the holidays are over, you can just wash the tablecloth and store the decorations. This is a perfect solution to protecting good chairs from little children as well.