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How To Make Your Tea Party More Intimate

Having a tea for your friends provides a “spa-like” experience. Think about all of the details. Make your guests feel special and pampered. This is not the get-together barbecue with hamburgers and hot dogs. Take a little time to make your party more intimate by adding a few of these:

  • Use fresh flowers — try using a tea pot or a tea cup for a vase.
  • Use decorated sugar — mix white sugar cubes with a few decorated cubes.
  • Make personalized name cards for each guest.
  • Have guests bring and wear hats — this breaks down the intimidation of going to a “formal” tea party and everyone has fun.

Many people feel going to tea is an “uppity” affair. They may feel self conscious about what they are wearing, their dining etiquette or lack there of. Wearing hats breaks down this wall of stiffness.

  • Fold napkins creatively, try placing a flower on each napkin.
  • Garnish your tea tray for a gorgeous effect. Try using edible leaves from your garden such as scented geraniums, mint, oregano, basil and savory.
  • Offer guests several different types of tea, be sure to include a tisane or herbal tea for those who do not want the caffeine.
  • Use tea cozies or tea warmers to keep the tea warm.
  • Have guests bring their own tea cup and a related story about their cup.

For more ideas check out our book:  Twelve Teas to Remember.  It is a collection of our best recipes and menus, plus tips for creating the perfect afternoon tea party.