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Drinking and Preparing Loose Leaf Tea

Harmutty Assam

I believe in drinking loose leaf tea for two main reasons.

First of all, I feel we don’t take enough time out in our day to pamper ourselves. Making loose leaf tea has become quite a ritual for me. It’s taking a pause in life and saying to myself, “I’m important enough to take the four minutes it takes to treat myself to a nice cup of tea.”

Secondly, tea in teabags is generally made from the lowest quality leaf. This tea does not consist of leaves, and is referred to as “dust” or “fannings”. Because of these fine siftings, tea bags produce an infusion far more quickly and with more caffeine than loose leaf tea. The brew from bagged tea is generally cloudy and dull while making loose leaf tea produces typically a clearer brew with a more complex flavor. Often times the tea bags are not sealed or stored properly and the tea loses its flavor quickly.

Recently however, because of the interest and demand for quality teas, many tea companies are striving to produce quality tea in a tea bag format. You may see these loose teas in pyramid shaped bags or silk tea bags. These tea bags allow for proper unfurling of the loose tea leaves and produce a more superior tea than the traditional tea bags.

Tea Pockets

It’s not that I’m against all tea bags at all times. I realize the necessity for a quick cup of tea on the go, but when I do that I always make sure that I look for quality tea bags which are becoming easier to find these days. However, more often than not, I make my own tea bags and have them ready for that “quick” cup.

You can purchase the tea bags I use.

It’s easy to brew loose leaf tea.  Find out how.