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Tea Preparation

Tea preparation is very easy. Before making your tea, you need to gather all the equipment you need. Depending on your personality you may need only a few items or many items to make your tea. I, myself, love everything there is to do with tea. I love gadgets of all kinds, especially tea. So for me, I have a lot of equipment. But, really you only need 4 pieces:

  1. Kettle or glass container — When making tea you really only need a few essential pieces of equipment. You need something to boil the water in. This can be the traditional tea kettle or electric kettle or you can even use a glass container and heat the water in the microwave. The tea kettle is best, but if you are in an office setting, the microwave will do.
  2. Infuser — Next you will need a tea infuser of some kind. I always recommend the cotton tea sock, as it allows ample room for the loose tea to expand and release its entire flavor. The sock also works well for both a cup of tea and a pot of tea. A tea ball, a pincher type mesh strainer, paper filter, or paper tea bag, stainless steel infuser basket will all work for a cup of tea and depending on the size may work for a pot of tea. There are also individual strainers for you to pour your tea through to your cup as you drink. Personally those are not my favorite as the rest of the tea steeps while you drink your cup and by the time you finish your pot, the tea tastes bitter.
  3. Tea Cup — You need something in which to brew the tea. This may be a cup, mug, or tea pot.
  4. Timer or watch — To steep the tea for the correct amount of time.

Additional helpful equipment for Tea Preparation:

Measuring Spoon — For measuring the loose tea, use a teaspoon or tablespoon. You can buy tea measuring spoons for this specific purpose. Some of us however, do not need a spoon and when you feel experienced you can even “pinch” out the right amount of tea with your fingers.

Tea cozy or tea warmer — For me, a tea cozy is essential as I do not like to drink cold tea. It’s amazing how fast the tea cools without something around the pot or a tea light underneath.

Electric coffee urn — For large parties, an electric stainless steel coffee urn works well. Make sure it has not been previously used for coffee as it will affect the taste of the tea. Take out the percolator filter. Place water in the urn, turn it on and wait until it’s finished. Then place your cup or pot under the urn and dispense hot water into your infuser into the cup/pot. The water is not quite hot enough, but it will definitely do for large parties.

Sugar Tongs
Sugar Bowl
Small Milk Pitcher
Teaspoons — for stirring tea

Not Needed But Fun Accoutrements and Added Touches

There are so many unique accessories you can use. The list is endless and full of possibilities. Use your imagination and have fun! These are a few of my favorites.

Drip catchers — These are paper doilies which go on the end of your tea pot. They help stop the drips from running down the side of the tea pot. Some tea pots drip more than others.

Lemon squeezer — This is for adding lemon to your tea. Place a wedge of lemon inside and squeeze. They come in a variety of forms. My favorite is the lemon bird.

Decorated sugar — This adds a special touch to your party. They come in all colors and shapes. I love to coordinate them with the season-roses and hearts for Valentine’s Day, shamrocks for a St. Patrick’s Day tea and berries and holly for the holiday season. I love to put a few special ones on top of the regular white sugar cubes in the sugar bowl. This way you don’t use too many and they really stand out against the white sugar cubes.

Lace doilies — To cover the milk pitcher. You can even decorate them with beads to help weigh down the cover.

While you don’t need all of these items for tea preparation, just make sure you have the basics.