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Premium Loose Leaf Teas


All premium loose leaf tea comes from the Camelia Sinensis plant. If it doesn’t come from this plant then it is not a tea. Herbals and tisanes are often called herbal teas because they are infused like tea, but technically they are not “tea.” All premium loose leaf teas whether white, green, oolong or black comes from the same plant. It is how they are processed which determines the type. Elevation, type of plant, where its grown are all factors which affect the flavor of the tea.

Premium Loose Leaf Teas

Basic definition of the types:

White tea — the least processed of all tea

Green tea — the leaves are withered slightly then fired

Oolong tea — the leaves are withered, partially “oxidized” and then fired

Black tea — the leaves undergo a 4 step process-withering, rolling, fermenting and firing; often times they are flavored or scented.

Pu Erh tea — These are black teas that have not been totally fired and dried, therefore the process continues as the tea ages and can actually improve the flavor of the teas as months or years pass. Pu Erh can be loose or formed tea into solid cakes.

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Display teas — These are one of the newer emerging teas, originally discouraged by China’s communist authorities considering them an objectionable sign of bourgeois society and not an affordable drink for the people. But by the 1970’s, the same government officials began to support their production. They were highly desirable presents, which government officials and the growing affluent loved to give and receive. Entire farming villages soon learned the techniques of shaping and hand-tying different varieties. The Anhui Province became famous for its Lu Mudan or Green Peony. Green Peony Rosette, Green Sea Anemone, Green Sea Flowers. The Yunnan Province has also received attention for its display teas.

To learn about how tea is processed and more about the fascinating world of tea, attend one of our tea classes.

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