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Kids and Tea

This morning as I was drinking my early morning tea on my patio talking to my mom on the phone, my son was in the kitchen making himself a pot of tea.  When I came back inside, I was greeted by a happy, “Hi Mom!  Guess what tea I made?”  On the kitchen table he had placed a paper towel with a wet tea leaf and a dry tea leaf.  He showed them to me and said, “What kind do you think I made?” I looked at the leaves, smelled them and said, “Some kind of oolong, maybe Tung Ting?”  He said, “Nope, I made Jade Oolong!”  He makes me smile.  He’s so happy about his tea.  Of the 120 different kinds I have, including flavored teas, he follows his mother on tea choice and picks out a pure oolong tea.  That’s my boy!